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June 22nd, 2004

07:03 pm - My new company
Ok, I have a placeholder on the net for my company, a LiveJournal community similar to this one.


That's going to my new venture. Please join and make me feel good, heh.

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04:45 pm - Departure
I'm going to be leaving Lamia Nights to persue some more personal projects. I'm still going to maintain what little of this community is left and I will still keep you posted on what's going on with Jynk and the rest of the crew, but there will no longer be any updates for any of the projects I was overseeing or involved with. After I get all my ducks in a row over here I'll have a community dedicated to the projects of my new studio. I should have that community up fairly soon.

Otherwise, I've had some great times with Lamia Nights, it's been a great learning experience, and I'll miss it, but I gotta move on.

See you all around!

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April 20th, 2004

12:34 pm - LNS Forums....Go!
That's right, I finally got the forums adjusted to the new colour scheme and put the link up on the site.

You can also get to them at: http://forums.lamianights.net

Hope to see you all there.
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March 11th, 2004

05:44 pm - Concerning A-Kon
Summer and I have decided that we will not be purchasing a table at A-Kon 15 this year due to lack of funds, scheduling conflicts, and lack of fresh product to sell. Don't be sad, kids, this just means we can actually have FUN at the convention instead of sitting on our asses at the table.

Can I get an amen on that one?

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January 9th, 2004

04:22 pm - A dead horse dies.
Well, I called today to file our taxes (because we made ZERO) and I also had the account with the comptroller CLOSED. This means we can't do sales until I fill out new forms and get a new Texas Sales Tax and Use permit. This means I'm buying us some time to get stuff done, and this also means that I'm going to, finally, have the company filed as a corporation. So Jynk, VG, and I will have ownership of the company (at least our names will be on the permit) and we can have an actual company of sorts.

Updates on Projects:

-DSS2 is currently in the works. Several tracks have been completed.
-Tank's "Trial Sans Error" is back to being a full album and has a new tracklist with new, recently written songs.
-Honor Among Thieves is set to finish Tangent in the months preceeding A-Kon.
-Lastly, "More Than Alive" for The Nine (http://www.whoarethenine.com) Soundtrack will be completed soon and will make its debut at Ushicon 3 (www.ushicon.com) at the panel for the movie. Please attend if possible! Tank, unfortunatly, will not be able to be there (damn him being a kid, and poor...) so VG might be making the presentation of the song, so stay tuned!
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November 23rd, 2003

08:28 pm - Look!!! A Dead Community! (Itzacon News)
(Crossposted to tank_bass)

Alrighty, here's what's going on for Itzacon:

We have a table all weekend, I'm going to arrive at 8:00 AM to get things set up. We have 9 or so copies of DSS to sell before we start selling the Cheap-Ass Edition (Kevin's gonna help us burn that on-site, we thank him for that!) We're saving one original copy for Meri because she's been so good to us thus far.

I plan on getting a room if anyone wants to pitch in on that. It'll be $75 for the night, so I'm figuring if everyone goes in on it, it should be dirt cheap. It'll be nice to have a place to put all of our shit when we're done on the floor.

Our panel is on 1:00 PM on Sunday. Jason's bringing gear to play selections from every artist, etc. After we go through those type of things, Pip and I will play some improv, DSS, etc.

If you have any questions, E-Mail, Comment, or IM me.

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September 7th, 2003

12:17 pm - I almost forgot!
I was mentioned at The Nine panel at AnimeFEST. I'm still on for the job of writing the soundtrack! I'm supposed to have the title track "More Than Alive" done by November, so wish me luck with that!

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12:06 pm - Can you hear me now? Good.
Ok... AnimeFEST sales, for lack of better and less blunt words, sucked total ass. We didn't break even on MiniCD Samplers, and it was generally just a bust, but there is hope yet!

I talked to the man in charge of the Komik Market for A-Kon 15 and he said that he hasn't quite made up the forms yet but that he'll go ahead and set aside a table for Lamia Nights Studios. Can anyone else say uber?

What this means: Since we know we have a table for then, we need to all really get in gear and get a plethora of thing for sale at the table. This means I really need to get in gear and get my album done, Pip needs to get his album done, Jason and I need to wrap up on our project, and Jason, Pip, and myself need to finish up DSS 2. Summer, you're up to page 9 on RB, right?

We'll also need to get promotional materials made up. Professional business cards, flyers, pamphlets, things of the like. Perhaps a room party, that seems to be really big promotion (just no booze so the cops stay off our asses). At AnimeFEST this upstart gaming convention called Conjure had a massive room party, and damned if I didn't remember those guys!

Any other ideas, thoughs, complaints, etc.?

Oh yeah, by the way... I'm canceling our Sales Tax and Use permit so that Summer and I can go in on it as a partnership and I won't lose my house if we take out a loan.

We REALLY need to use this place more.

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August 15th, 2003

12:54 pm - Plans...
Alrighty... I gots me a plan. LNS DVD.

What will be on it? Music videos for stuff from Dirty Song Sessions! (Right now I'm thinking Credit Cards and The Sheep Song. We'll see about what's on the next one to make into videos.)

Tank TV-All that random shit that was recorded at conventions (this'll be cool because we can show the orgins of Dirty Song Sessions)

Trailer for Fisted Fury (I'll actually be able to get it done by this point)

Coming Soon type stuff...

Definatly gonna be cool shit though.

Using "shit" that much isn't too professional, but oh well.

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August 5th, 2003

07:12 am - Stuff
I'm up to page 9 on the comic! *confetti* I know, I know. I should be further along, but the comic had to take at backseat as I spent a few weeks trying to figure out why I couldn't view my site when other people could. Problem solved. Just need to get the site moved back over to the old IP, if that's possible.

In other news, four new freebie icons:

I'll have the new layout for the site finished this evening...provided Tank can stay online this evening and actually talk to me. I had more questions than just the one I asked last night...and he *poof*-ed on me. Not even so much as a 'good night'. *sniffle* Anyhoo, so..yeah, it'll be finished and ready for upload when Tank decides it's needed.
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