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September 7th, 2003

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12:06 pm - Can you hear me now? Good.
Ok... AnimeFEST sales, for lack of better and less blunt words, sucked total ass. We didn't break even on MiniCD Samplers, and it was generally just a bust, but there is hope yet!

I talked to the man in charge of the Komik Market for A-Kon 15 and he said that he hasn't quite made up the forms yet but that he'll go ahead and set aside a table for Lamia Nights Studios. Can anyone else say uber?

What this means: Since we know we have a table for then, we need to all really get in gear and get a plethora of thing for sale at the table. This means I really need to get in gear and get my album done, Pip needs to get his album done, Jason and I need to wrap up on our project, and Jason, Pip, and myself need to finish up DSS 2. Summer, you're up to page 9 on RB, right?

We'll also need to get promotional materials made up. Professional business cards, flyers, pamphlets, things of the like. Perhaps a room party, that seems to be really big promotion (just no booze so the cops stay off our asses). At AnimeFEST this upstart gaming convention called Conjure had a massive room party, and damned if I didn't remember those guys!

Any other ideas, thoughs, complaints, etc.?

Oh yeah, by the way... I'm canceling our Sales Tax and Use permit so that Summer and I can go in on it as a partnership and I won't lose my house if we take out a loan.

We REALLY need to use this place more.

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Can you hear me now? Good. - Lamia Nights Studio

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