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January 9th, 2004

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04:22 pm - A dead horse dies.
Well, I called today to file our taxes (because we made ZERO) and I also had the account with the comptroller CLOSED. This means we can't do sales until I fill out new forms and get a new Texas Sales Tax and Use permit. This means I'm buying us some time to get stuff done, and this also means that I'm going to, finally, have the company filed as a corporation. So Jynk, VG, and I will have ownership of the company (at least our names will be on the permit) and we can have an actual company of sorts.

Updates on Projects:

-DSS2 is currently in the works. Several tracks have been completed.
-Tank's "Trial Sans Error" is back to being a full album and has a new tracklist with new, recently written songs.
-Honor Among Thieves is set to finish Tangent in the months preceeding A-Kon.
-Lastly, "More Than Alive" for The Nine (http://www.whoarethenine.com) Soundtrack will be completed soon and will make its debut at Ushicon 3 (www.ushicon.com) at the panel for the movie. Please attend if possible! Tank, unfortunatly, will not be able to be there (damn him being a kid, and poor...) so VG might be making the presentation of the song, so stay tuned!
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