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August 5th, 2003

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07:12 am - Stuff
I'm up to page 9 on the comic! *confetti* I know, I know. I should be further along, but the comic had to take at backseat as I spent a few weeks trying to figure out why I couldn't view my site when other people could. Problem solved. Just need to get the site moved back over to the old IP, if that's possible.

In other news, four new freebie icons:

I'll have the new layout for the site finished this evening...provided Tank can stay online this evening and actually talk to me. I had more questions than just the one I asked last night...and he *poof*-ed on me. Not even so much as a 'good night'. *sniffle* Anyhoo, so..yeah, it'll be finished and ready for upload when Tank decides it's needed.
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Date:August 5th, 2003 08:18 am (UTC)

Sorry about that

I needed sleep big time last night, I'll probally need it tonight, so catch me early ('round 8ish)
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Date:August 5th, 2003 08:46 am (UTC)

Re: Sorry about that

Ooorrrr....I could catch ya now ;)
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Date:August 5th, 2003 08:56 am (UTC)

Re: Sorry about that

That too
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